Below you' ll find a selection of some scenes from Baghdad in three chapters .


 The first series of images were made during my first stay in Baghdad. Baghdad changed since then rapidly. The Check Points disappear more and more (at least before the Revolution) But there are still streams of pilgrims and some relics from the war.

The second series is an excerpt from a series of Photos I took during a research trip to the marshes in the south of Iraq. The town is called Chibayish and i think there were rarely tourists or foreigner walking around and take photographes. So that was the reaction of the people there. First they were very sceptic but after a while many people wanted me to take a photo. The selection here is a part of my diary of memories.

The last set is a small collection of images made around 50 miles east of Baghdad near a town called Nahrawan. There is a huge Brickfactory which supports the imagination of the real Apocalypse. Over a enormous area are houndrets of chimenys blowing dirty in the air. It is almost unimaginable that there are people living inside of the factory site. At the time i was there it was impossible to leave the road to enter the area since there was a rumour that some members of the Daesh are hidnig there.